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Testimonials / Endorsees

Shotspot is developed, tested and marketed by shooters.  We strive to be better at our sport, that is why we researched, developed and are now sharing Shotspot to all shooters.  A simple problem solved in the sport of shooting.

Shotspot® is used and recommended by shooters worldwide

Shotspot Pro Endorsements

Shotspot® is the best correction I have found. I have used Shotspot® and had great success”

Chris Batha, International senior CPSA instructor/author/master gunfitter. – Thanks Chris!

Batha’s article on dominance > here

David T. Dobson: MBA: NSCA, NSSA Master Certified Level III.  Jacksonville University Faculty & Varsity Shooting Team Coach.  USA Shooting Expert.

“Shotspot offers an extremely flexible approach to helping those shooters with eye anomalies which cause “visual drift”. There is NO product on the market of which I am aware that has the versatility of this product. Because sizes and gradients of transparency can be custom-ordered and applied for minimal interference with vision (11 MM on up), but still correcting “drift” issues, Shotspot is the optimal answer. By providing some minimal occlusion in order to force the Master Eye to do more of the “work”, cross-firing issues become minimalized. This is the BEST product, as well as the ONLY product, which has this element. One can still have the advantage of full brain/Visual Cortex ability, all the while correcting visual drift issues. Having this “visual tool”/solution has completely resolved ALL of the issues for my Students with eye drift issues. Many thanks for a truly innovative product!”

After three months shooting with Shotspot patches on my glasses, I’ve found the patches to be extremely effective. Certain targets—a fast right-to-left crosser, for example—still give my dominant eye opportunities to exert itself, but for most targets the benefits of the Shotspot have been dramatic.  If you have cross-dominance problems and are one of those shooters who hates patches, give Shotspot a try.

Vic Venters – Chief Editor – Shooting Sportsman – Thanks Vic!

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Dave Beardsmore: World English Skeet Champion, Captain of English Skeet team.

Carl Bloxham: Top coach and ex world sporting Champion.

Don Currie: Master Shotgun Coach, Gun Fitter, Fly Fishing Instructor. USA Shooting Expert

Paul Fallon: Shooting Coach.

They’re using Shotspot® and so can you 

♦ Lori in California, USA: “I have had a real problem with my left eye wanting to take over and I have tried several different things to try to help correct my left eye dominance.  One of the things I tried was putting tape across my lens; another thing was putting a small piece of round sticky paper on my lens.  I have tried Vaseline, Chap Stick smudging it on my lens and I even put a small black Sharpie dot on my lens.  All of these things made me feel impaired and trapped!  When I put the Shotspot on, it was instant, I can see! I don’t feel trapped!  I told myself, this is good, I can do this.  I went to a three day trap shoot just a few weeks after I received my ShotSpot kit.  On the last day on the last Handicap, I won the short yardage and I tied for high lady!  I was and I am still very happy with ShotSpot.  My husband read about your product in his Shooting Sportsman magazine and showed the article to me.  I immediately got on line and found your number and called you.  Thank you, thank you.”

If you have enjoyed Shotspot and would like to share your experience please feel free to email us your story.

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