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Q: How does Shotspot work?
A: For accurate and reliable shooting you need to ensure that the eye, which is over the rib of the gun, is fixed on the target. When correctly positioned Shotspot® ensures that the image chosen by the brain is the one over the rib of the gun. You are relying on the fact that the brain will always choose the clearest image.

Q: What is a dominant eye?
A: It is the eye which the brain uses to direct in the finger pointing process. In the shooting process it is the eye which sits over the rib of the gun and directs the gun to target. Also referred to as the master eye.

To read Chris Batha’s article on dominance click here.

Q: Why worry about eye dominance or master eye?
A: During the shooting process, if the brain is taking information from the eye not looking down the rib of the gun you will miss the target. Are you using the correct eye when shooting a target?

Q: What can cause a change in eye dominance?

  • The action of lifting a gun in front of the eye can cause the brain to change master eye for a clear image.
  • Lady shooters can find that they have equal – or indeterminate – eye dominance, when the master eye can change without reason or warning.
  • Maturing young shooters may experience dominance change.
  • The ageing eye,
  • A change in prescription.
  • Stress – during a competition.
  • Fatigue.
  • Spending too long at a computer.
  • Alcohol.
  • Certain target presentations.
  • All can cause the brain to change master eye.

The problem is that you just don’t know when it will happen until you miss that target(s)!

Q: How can I work out which is my master or dominant eye, when I am shooting?
A: For the beginner shooter, the dominant eye should influence which shoulder you shoot the gun from. There are a series of tests that you can use to work out which is your dominant eye. However, the best option is to seek professional advice. If you are missing certain targets a professional shooting coach should be able to pin down exactly what is happening during the shooting process and see exactly where you are pointing the gun. If the ‘incorrect’ eye is directing the gun then you will be missing the target in a certain way. The professional instructor should take the time to present you with a variety of targets, especially left to right and right to left crossing targets and going away birds, to see where you are shooting. To get a full picture, gun fit should be checked. A pattern plate can also be a helpful reference point to see where the shooter is aiming the gun.

Q: My ‘incorrect’ eye is taking over when I am shooting, what are my options for eye dominance correction?

  • Closing the eye not over the rib of the gun will solve this problem immediately, but not everyone can do this. Being able to shoot with both eyes open is the ideal as the perception of distance and angle is maintained, muscular tension of the face is minimized as closing an eye requires a certain amount of effort. Both eyes open also allows the natural hand to eye co-ordination process. Using Shotspot® replaces the need to close an eye. Shotspot® does not mask the whole eye and allows light in. Shotspot® does not interfere with peripheral vision (the breadth of view) and the shooter is still able to judge distance, (binocular vision).
  • Mask the shooting glasses.
  • Using Vaseline to blur the lens. This is a messy and inaccurate option. Shotspot® is barely visible on the lens.
  • Sticking tape on the lens. Shooting glasses can be an expensive investment. Tape could remove the delicate coatings on some of these glasses. Shotspot® does not require glue and, unlike sticky tape, will not damage the lens. Shotspot® can be easily fitted and adjusted. Sticky tape is designed to hold parcels together!
  • Place a solid spot on the glasses to cover the eye. A solid spot placed on your shooting glasses will result in eye strain and headaches as your brain instructs your eye to try to see around the “obstruction”

Q: Is there a general rule for which eye is my master or dominant eye?
A: Most people who are right-handed also have a right dominant eye and vice versa, which means the correct eye will sit over the rib of the gun and control where the gun goes, but there are exceptions.

Q: If I do have an eye dominance issue, what type of target presentations will I be missing?
A: You may find that a target presentation, that has never previously been problem target, all of a sudden becomes a missed target. What is common in eye dominance issues is the significant distance you are missing the target by. Some shooters are able to see where you are taking the shot – note their comments, for example, three foot in front, three foot behind, just up the left or right hand side of the target, and you can use this information to work out if you have an eye dominance problem and on which target presentations this occurs.

Q: I have worked out which target presentations are causing my ‘incorrect eye’ to kick in. This type of target presentation does not appear that often in the shooting repertoire, how can Shotspot® help me?
A: If only certain target presentations are causing an eye dominance issue, you could have Shotspot set up on a pair of shooting glasses which you use only for those targets. However Shotspot® is a fit and forget product and will not distract or detract from normal vision.

Q: When I look down the rib of my gun, I see a double image of the barrel. I have sorted this problem by learning to close an eye. Can Shotspot® help me?
A: Closing or dimming an eye is an option used by many shooters but closing an eye limits the ability to get a full view of your target. You could start your gun swing with both eyes open and close an eye when you are about to shoot, but this does not remove the confusing image when you bring the gun up to your face. When Shotspot® is correctly fitted to your shooting glasses this double image disappears and allows you to focus clearly on the target. Shotspot® fitted and both eyes open is the ideal in shooting as the perception of distance and angle is maintained. Shotspot® does not mask the whole eye allowing light in and also gives the shooter the benefit of peripheral vision.

Q: I am a shooting instructor and I find it difficult to persuade some clients that Shotspot® is the answer to their missed targets, do you have any ideas?
A: Shotspot® is also available as an instructor’s kit, which contains a variety of sizes and densities of foils. Shotspot® is a professional alternative to crude sticky tape which looks awful and could damage your client’s expensive shooting glasses. Once Shotspot® is placed on the lens you cannot easily see it. Shotspot® is easily adjusted for the perfect fit. As part of assessing any new client you will go through the process of gun fit and eye dominance. As a professional instructor you should feel confident that having Shotspot® as part of your kit will allow you to offer a solution to all eye dominance issues, you will then be able to move onto the lesson to develop the shooter’s technique and hit those bogey targets. The client will forget Shotspot® is there, the eye dominance issue is removed and targets are hit – a good result for all.

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