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Endorsees and Testimonials

Shotspot® is used and recommended by shooting legends:-

Carl Bloxham:- Top coach and ex world sporting Champion.

Dave Beardsmore:- World English Skeet Champion, Captain of English Skeet team.

Paul Fallon:- Shooting Coach.

Chris Batha:- International senior CPSA instructor/author/ master gunfitter.

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“The most difficult problem in clay shooting to overcome is cross or fluctuating eye dominance. The new innovative Shotspot® is the best correction I have found. I have used Shotspot® and had great success”

Vic Venters:- Editor in Chief Shooting Sportsman

After three months shooting with Shotspot patches on my glasses, I’ve found the patches to be extremely effective. Certain targets—a fast right-to-left crosser, for example—still give my dominant eye opportunities to exert itself, but for most targets the benefits of the Shotspot have been dramatic.
At present, Shotspot patches come in two strengths (or opacities), and they are cheap. If you have cross-dominance problems and are one of those shooters who hates patches, give Shotspot a try.

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They’re using Shotspot® and so can you.


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